Project and Relocation Management

The WSA team understand how the strategy, influences the site selected, the workplace design, the way people work, digital workplace practices, collaborative tools, the choice of furniture, change in location and how all of these services influence the degree of change.

Move Readiness

One of the most critical activities in the preparation of any relocation is the Move Readiness activities, which assist employees in getting ready both physically and mentally for the upcoming relocation.

One of the biggest benefits a number of clients have experienced on their workplace project journey is building engagement with employees from move readiness activities.

The workplace is no different to your home, periods of long occupancy result in nesting behaviours and the retention of antiquated equipment, build up of business documents and storage of excessive personal assets in the workplace.

Our move readiness team helps clients with pre-moving clean up days, which can be a massive enabling activities to get employees to understand that their relocation though months away is actually right around the corner.

It’s always suggested that there are a couple of these activities run before relocation to ensure the proper disposal of:

  • surplus ITC assets;
  • proper destruction or storage of business documents;
  • identification of communal assets;
  • streamlining of shared facilities

The move readiness programme allows for engagement with the business and incremental change implementation prior to the relocation into a new workplace and new location.

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