Strategy, Design and Change

The WSA team understand how the strategy, influences the site selected, the workplace design, the way people work, digital workplace practices, collaborative tools, the choice of furniture, change in location and how all of these services influence the degree of change.

Workplace Strategy

WSA independently assesses the difference between an organisational need or want in developing your organisations workplace strategy.

Traditionally Workplace Strategy has been associated with the direct human resource activities of workforce development and workforce planning, but it is far more than that.

A successful Workplace Strategy is exactly that, a “Strategy for the Workplace”
So what makes up a workplace – people, place and process (HR, Real Estate & IT). These are the three pillars in any successful Workplace Strategy and all three should transition simultaneously.

The key to successful implementation of workplace strategy is to understand your people, this means understanding their job, the type of person they are and the type of worker they are.

Once you understand the type of worker they are then understanding the way they work is key, and why they work that way. This will shape requirements regarding location and more importantly, design.

This discovery best occurs by direct engagement with your executive team, people managers and your individual contributors, by way of workshops. This is often best supported by workplace surveys, the development of focus groups and these three methods of initial discovery can lead to the development of a workplace pilot that can then create the basis for your workplace standards and practices. This will shape the property and design brief enabling a quicker and more informed result compared to traditional engagements.

The financial ramifications of getting this right is re-occurring every year while you are in your new workplace.

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