Strategy, Design and Change

The WSA team understand how the strategy, influences the site selected, the workplace design, the way people work, digital workplace practices, collaborative tools, the choice of furniture, change in location and how all of these services influence the degree of change.

Workplace Design

A great workplace design is developed by using a solid workplace strategy foundation, that understand your people, how and where they work and their needs.

Our design team, takes your Workplace Strategy, understands how your people work, what they need to be most innovative, productive and profitable, then couples that with the physical restrictions of the built environments that are being considered and can develop test fits, pilot zones and entire concept designs.

From the test fit and concept stage, our team works up your design with a commercial focus considering lease term, impact of future workplace practice change and other factors that would impact the longevity of the workplace and it’s optimum functionality.

Our team designs as if your money is our money and does not deviate from the requirements of your workplace strategy.

Our team, as superintendent, can assist in the management of the workplace programme, including but not limited to stakeholders, budget and timing.

We offer a wide range of services designed to make managing your business easier for you.

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