Strategy, Design and Change

The WSA team understand how the strategy, influences the site selected, the workplace design, the way people work, digital workplace practices, collaborative tools, the choice of furniture, change in location and how all of these services influence the degree of change.

Real Estate Strategy

The accommodation requirements of an organisation, coupled with where their client or public facilities are located is key to influencing an organisation real estate strategy.

Many of our clients, when they first start to work with us, don’t have a real estate strategy, but also don’t understand the importance of having one.

No matter if you’re an organisation with 10 or 10,000 employees, the importance of your organisations real estate strategy is paramount. It is a tool that can provide not only massive financial benefits, but can also significantly contribute to you being a “employer of choice” thus improving attraction and retention. (and making the pool of potential employees even larger).

An organisational real estate strategy will need to consider a strategy for the:

  1. Short term;
  2. Medium term;
  3. Long term

Our team needs to understand:

  • All of the workspaces that the organisation occupies, including geographic locations, class of buildings, lease expiry dates, relationship with landlord (if leased) and for owned buildings the condition of the buildings, compliance under National Building Code;
  • Departments of an organisation that occupies each building;
  • Conducting ethnographic utilisation studies to understand how individuals and teams use the workspace;
  • Postcode analysis assessment of staff or other stakeholders;
  • Assessment of client locations that departments of an organisation services;

The outcome of this research and findings will contribute to the development of the real estate strategy for your organisation.

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