NSW Treasury

Workplace Strategy
Develop the workplace strategy to transition NSW Treasury employees from a traditional static workplace into an agile working environment. This strategy was developed by the:

  • collection of existing occupancy data including vacant workstations;
  • development of a new occupancy block and stack plan from existing usage and pipeline needs of the divisions

Change Management
NSW Treasury had worked from only three locations in 149 years.

The last workplace they occupied for 20 years with only one minor refurbishment.

The change process in this instance could best be described as transitioning from ‘The Flintstones” to “ The Jetsons”, with a focus on changes in work location, built environment, telephone solution, standard operating software tools, follow me print, electronic document records management, wi-fi enabled workplaces, lateral filing and the conversion of the “me” to “we” space for sharing of resources and physical workplace facilities.


Ethnographic Utilisation Studies & Needs Assessment
Jacobs engaged WSA to understand how their workplace (fitted out less than 3 years old) was not being best utilised and to understand the best way to move their expert analytic and consulting professionals into a more agile way of working.

Jacobs wanted to achieve the following key core objectives:

  • Promote a change in culture – Make Jacobs the workplace of choice
  • Create positive attitudes to foster a unique work experience to attract and retain staff
  • Promote flexible working
  • Improve connectivity and create an environment for organic innovation development, cross-collaboration
  • Achieve better utilisation of office space and enhance employee experience
  • Behaviour and change management – take people on the journey (ongoing)
  • Cost savings for the company

The ethnographic study looked at the way their staff were using the space, the parts of the design that were not being utilised and why and coupled the assessment of the built environment and technology together.

The findings were reported back to both Senior Leadership and an Employee Working Group in the form or a Workplace Strategy and Real Estate Strategy report, including an implementation strategy with timing forecasts and cost budget.

What was a Sydney based project now has a regional remit to form the basis of the new workplace model across Asia Pacific region.


Space Assessment
Conduct a detailed space assessment and recommendation report to determine if consolidation of an extra 50 headcount to be migrated into this workplace. The process examines:

  • the accuracy of the workplace floor plans;
  • identifying vacancy and assigned seats by individual and by team;
  • collate an existing block and stack plan;
  • develop a new block and stack plan showing the location of new team allocations

Johnson & Johnson

Workplace Design
Johnson & Johnson had been situated in the same heritage converted warehouse for over fifteen years.

A request from the Australian and New Zealand Managing Director asked WSA to look at how the rate per person per square metre could be reduced while increasing the number of seats and collaboration space within their existing fit out.

Our team worked up a workplace design for four new neighbourhoods, three for specific work teams and one as a hot desk zone.

The design also considered new informal collaboration spaces, personal locker spaces for the occupants of the hot desk zones and communal storage for product samples.

The Star Entertainment Group

Change Management
Navigate 583 employees through changing office accommodation by moving to a new location. The new fit out being designed with a variety of activity based settings, the staff relocating from a fit out completed in the late 1980’s.

NSW Industrial Relations

Change Management
The WSA team worked with the employees of the NSW Department of Industrial Relations to manage:

  • workplace location change;
  • built environment change – from fixed workstation workplace to agile working;
  • workplace practice change – ITC roll out and EDRMS usage

The programme also included the development and approval by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for:

  • remote working policy – working from home, client site or remotely
  • compressed working weeks – e.g. – 4 days x 10 hours


Space Assessment and Workplace Test Fits
Our team reported back to senior management on the recommended approach to accommodate growing storage requirements and headcount within the same workplace envelope.

Our team developed a variety of test fit models to ensure that Sheridan could accommodate their immediate and medium term needs when executing a new 5 year lease.

This design would see capacity of the workplace increase from 110 to 143 persons, provide new technology solutions to increased collaboration and safe storage of products and materials, while producing a 20% saving in the purchase of sample material and products.


IBM Centre, West Pennant Hills

Supervised and co-ordinated the site management of the 22,000m2 IBM Cumberland Forest Campus – this included managing town centre cleaning staff for 600 seats, security, general cleaning personnel, gardening and landscape crew and tradesman for the repair and maintenance or building works projects.

The campus was home to 3,000 employees operated 24×7 and included the town centre consisting of 9 food operators, dry cleaner, general store / newsagent, outdoor spaces including children playground and seating spaces of lunch or dinner.

Tailors Bar & Brasserie, Surry Hills

This bar and brasserie just off Sydney Central Station consisted of 300 seats. This venue, had turnover of over $30,000 per week. The team managed the daily supervision of the operations to ensure the facility was clean, tidy and the customer always had the best customer experience. The facility had 200 seats internally in three distinct areas and 100 seats in two outside courtyard and alfresco dining spaces.

Sydney Trains – 8000m2 office space

WSA was engaged complete daily, weekly and periodic cleaning for Sydney Trains in the last 18 months of their office lease at 477 Pitt Street, Sydney
Beyond the daily cleaning of ten floors of office space (approx. 800m2) a floor, WSA also conducted post relocation cleaning of workstations, task chairs, keyboards, mouse and telephone handsets.

Our duties also included builders cleans at the end of workplace fit out works and common area cleaning, including toilets, showers and other communal facilities such as meeting spaces, kitchen spaces and break out spaces.


NSW Treasury

NSW Treasury did not have a EDRMS. For 500 staff all business records were being stored on departmental unmanaged share drive spaces.

The WSA records team worked with the business on the development of the EDRMS business classification scheme, its structure and appointed the business champions to assist in the on-going management of the EDRMS.

Objective was the EDRMS of choice in conjunction with NSW DPC and Department of Industrial Relations.

Implementation of Objective, training and post go live support ran for a period of 18 months.

Workflows were introduced and the system is well embedded today.


Storage Audit
Sheridan was founded in Australia in the 1950’s. During this period the company has been recognised with design and production of A Class quality linen, apparel and in more later years homewares.

The client had 110 staff on site and over 10 linear metres of samples, product and season proto-type per person. WSA was engage to determine the extent of the storage issue which was contributing to some potential EHS risks. After reviewing who owned what on site, recommendations were provided to condense 1.1 linear kilometres into 350 linear metres, taking advantage of not just the horizontal space but also the vertical space.

The project also included the development of a storage policy that was created in conjunction with stream leaders (e.g. Design or Merchandising) with a emphasis of a “we” reference space instead of “me” samples and products, which provided an immediate 20% saving off the 1.1 linear kilometre storage requirement.

Sydney Trains

The team worked with the employees of Sydney Trains to:

  • Navigate staff through the migration of Trim V7 to RM8;
  • Review and recommendations on changes to the business classification scheme;
  • Work with the business units on the review and destruction or storage of document management.

Greyhounds Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC)

Work with the business units in understanding their needs:

  • new electronic document records management system;
  • understand the necessary workflows between the commission departments and external stakeholders ;
  • educate and train end users in how to maximise the benefits of the EDRMS including associated workflows.


The Star Entertainment Group

Plot the current and proposed neighborhood location for employees including special requirements such as phone-hunt groups, facsimiles, safes, business unit special printing needs and storage requirements for bulky collateral. This includes the management of employees to ensure individual and team assets are packed in time for the removalist to relocate possessions and ITC assets.

Provide support to all management and staff on day 1, post relocation to ensure employees are settled in by the end of Day 1 and with a complaint rate of under 2% of all employees moved.


Plan and manage the relocation of 50 staff from Sydney North CBD to Sydney Central Business District.

Our activities were to coordinate internal ITC vendors, Telstra, building management in both the outbound and new site to ensure the smooth relocation of 50 employees possessions along with approximately 70m3 of furniture for re-use in the new office environment and 100 linear metres of document management.

Sydney Trains

Plan and manage the relocations associated with the implementation of the above workplace occupancy plan.

This included the management of the removalists, internal ITC representatives, change managers and external technology advises such as NEC.

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