During the first decade of the 21st Century, employers were discussing with employees who would pay for internet services at home. Employers need to be on the front foot about what their Policy will be on employees working from Alternative Locations.

Not all of the cost savings in having a large part of your employees working from home can be booked as savings by your organisations Finance Team, a part of these savings need to be reinvested in employees remote working facilities, with the Real Estate or Facilities Management Teams managing the deployment and retrieval of the agreed Working From Home Kit Of Parts.
Employers now need to consider on a case by case basis if it is suitable for employees to work from home or other remote locations on an on-going basis. WSA in conjunction with our preferred furniture supplier Teknion, can assist organisations with a Work from Home Kit of Parts.

The historical approach of self-assessment to be approved for Work From Home is now something of the past as employers through their HR, EH&S and Real Estate and Facilities Teams need to proactively manage these activities going forward and prevent any employee disconnect.

Speak to use today about the development of your organisations specific Work from Home Kit of Parts package.